February 1, 2011

2 Magic Words...


I headed to the grocery store after school tonight and was cracking up by all the people buying beer, toilet paper, and milk. I bought more sensible things like produce, ice cream, and a 24 pk of teacher crack...er diet coke! While I was at the store, I heard an announcement from aisle 5 that my district was closed! Keep in mind this was from a disgruntled University prof who's school was NOT closed. As a grad student at said University, I couldn't help but rejoice once again that my full-time teaching internship began...


I celebrated this wonderful news by buying the cutest mailbox from the Target $ section for all my students' sweet notes. Best note of the day..."Dear Ms. W. I wish you were with us when we went to the Planetarium last week. We missed you, but I am very glad you came back. You didn't abandon me! Your very best wishes, ______." It was all folded up and taped around a mini Origami crane. Which I was told "LOOKS like it can fly but really CAN'T" lol.

Guess which child it was from? Yes. My beloved "turtle child." I'm baack...and motivated to plan some fun lessons tomorrow on my day off. Enjoy the snow if you live in the path of this storm :-)

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