February 2, 2011

WILW- Snow Day Edition

Why Hello, What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Snow Days are a beautiful thing. Though I was pretty lazy today I believe that practicing the art of "doing nothing" is incredibly important from time to time.  Here are 5 random things that I'm thankful for or loving today :-)

Finally Learning How to Type a '♥' on my laptop, not just a desktop... I know, welcome to 2011! (For those of you who used to cut and paste before...never again! Simultaneously hold the function key and the num lk key (on my laptop it's also scroll) then hold the alt and letter 'L')

YouVersion. It's a great Bible App with tons of different reading plans available. Best part? They can be emailed to you, accessed online, from a smart phone, or from an iPod touch like I do. Reading the Word daily has never been so easy! http://www.youversion.com/

This news clip on using video games for rehabilitation. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/video/wii-rehab-video-game-therapy-nintendo-xbox-kinect-motion-based-conrol-games-parkinson-desease-treatment-11315981?tab=9482931&section=4765066&playlist=&page=1  I have been a part of "Wii PT" myself and I have to say it's really helpful for working on balance, right/left awareness, and muscle/brain connection. Plus it's fun! I'm so glad this is starting to grow in popularity!

Low Fat Pop Tarts. I've been on a kick this year with the "Breakfast of Champions"...Diet Coke and a pack of Pop Tarts- healthy, I know. Now that I found these, and the strawberry ones taste the same, I feel less guilty. Plus they are currently $1.88 at Target! Score :-)

Being back in the classroom. Though my days can be long and crazy, and sometimes I repeat myself a gazillion times, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love trying to figure out what exactly is the key to each one of my students to help them learn best.  They are so hungry and excited to learn right now which makes my job that much easier..and way more fun!

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