February 8, 2011

Playin' by the Rules...

Just a quick note tonight because I'm 10 kinds of exhausted but I have a moment of grace and cute story to share! We've been working on writing feature articles in 3rd grade (for a class magazine) for several weeks and most of my students are on revision and/or ready to move on to publishing. That is except the 5 students who do not have a rough draft yet. For 3 darlings in particular it has been like pulling teeth to get them motivated and excited like everyone else.

Today, every one made progress! Some- more than the past week combined! So.much.learning.going.on.
Enough to make my teacher heart melt and my exhaustion obsolete. Anyway...
One of my kiddos decided to add some commentary to spice things up...that or he was bored with his notecards and graphic organizer...or he just zoned out (likely), but he randomly added:

"I know, what's really important is that you play right and be nice so you can play safely and learn the correct rules."

Well said munchkin, well said. Are you still talking about racquetball? or Life?

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