August 30, 2011

Word of the Day

My word of the day is...t.i.r.e.d.
I've been putting in 16 + hrs a day on back-to-school prep if you add in my commute.
Did anyone else do that your first year...or now...the week before?

Every time I look at my classroom there's more to do- but it's looking and feeling like a fabulous place to learn. My school is also changing up the Unit Planning Process (I co-plan all the Literacy- Rdg, Writing, Word Study, Language test prep for my grade level). A lot to learn and do this year but it will surely pay off over time. I'm glad that there are 5 on my 5th grade team so that we can share and plan together!

I know this prep will be so worth it for those 25 fifths next week. One of my kiddos was at parent orientation night tonight and I took her up to my room. Just the look of joy as she looked around and immediately started browsing the library made me so happy! We are ready to get down to the business of learning.

PS- I will be posting my Thurs/Fri posts of Teacher Week this weekend- just got too busy! I want to share my resources and freebies though so check back soon.

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