August 6, 2011

Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader- Library Edition

It was finally time to tackle the boxes of books and get them sorted into my library.
A 5th grade library to be exact...
Yes, that wasn't a typo, my grade-level switched this week!

I am not too worried, still have time to plan since our kiddos don't start until after Labor Day-
I'm just so thankful to have a job! Pray for all those teachers still looking!

Anyway, my good friend C and I spent the day labeling/sorting/and picking off price tags.
I ended up with 51 book bins thanks to my year-long thrifting hunt.
I think the most I paid for a book was $1.00- most were 3/$0.99 or even free :-)

Here's a picture of my sorted library sans-labels (they currently take up a wall of my living room).

The tan bins are my chapter books. I got a set of 36 at for $32.

The white file folders are my non-fiction/informational books. I got sets of 5 from Ikea for $1.99.
The red bins are mixed chapter/ picture books. This is the shelf I talked about here!

I made simple labels out of Name Badge Stickers that I also got at the thrift store :-)
Microsoft Word has those great label templates where you can type in your Avery label number (5146), import a list from Excel (my Book Basket Titles), and Voila! Customized labels.

They are white labels with a gold border and I used a red font. I'll upload a picture here later.
If anyone wants them, email me at and I'll email you the document. Some are by genre (Fantasy, Mystery, Historical Fiction etc.), some by author (Roald Dahl, Noel Streatfeild, C.S Lewis etc.), and some by topic (Space, How-To, States/Government etc.)

I think it's more important to sort books this way then by level- we as adults choose books by interest and then find a good fit within that, so why should we teach kids differently? I don't want my kids obsessed with what letter book they are reading (Fountas and Pinnell A-Z). Rather, I want them to enjoy reading and develop the ability to select appropriate reading material on their own!

Do you agree? Disagree? How do you set up your classroom library?

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