July 31, 2011

Staples Steals

Teachers: Staples has some rocking sales this week!

If you didn't know already, with your teacher account you can get 25 of the Sun-Wed extreme deal items (instead of the 2-3 limit). The new catch is that you need to spend at least $5 to buy extreme deals. So spread out your more expensive supply purchases and hit it up! They have had lackluster deals this summer but this week is making up for it!

The penny deals include:
2 pk of Sharpie Accent Highlighters
8 pk of #2 Pencils
100 pk of 3x5 index cards

Yes, for a whopping 75 cents you get 50 highlighters, 200 pencils, and 2500 index cards. For realz. 

Another fav of mine is the Expo two-sided dry erase slate (1 blank, 1 lined). It includes an expo marker! This week only $2. Can't wait to add to my guided rdg collection for a classroom set. If I spread them out on different trips I may get a whole lot of penny deals this week :-)

Happy Shopping,

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