August 15, 2011

Teacher Camp Resource

I just got back from spending last week at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) for the New Teacher Institute...aka Teacher Camp. SVSU is the university that charters my school and 17 others across Michigan. I was impressed, not just with the prep/support this year, but with all they are teaching/researching. As all you teachers well know, this is a challenging time to be a teacher with all the many changes- common core? decline of teach to the test? (fingers crossed on that one) funding-where/what? politics? technology?'s good to have additional training and support.

I always say "Knowledge is Power." 

They gave us a binder full of resources- printed and web along with a few books. The First Days of School and Teaching with Love and Logic are old classics of course but we also received  

 Oh.My.Gosh. has this rocked my teaching world. I am teaching in the inner city and this book is a God-send. It goes through the differences between lower-middle-upper class and how it relates to American Schools (which follow middle class conventions). Knowledge is Power. I have marked this baby up and know I will be turning to it all year to help my students grow and thrive. If you teach in areas of poverty I highly recommend it.

They also gave us some great math and science internet links. I'm so excited that I will have a SmartBoard this year- to tap into these great resources with my kiddos.  I'm including them below- there are hundreds!

Math Internet Links
Science Internet Links

I have a little less than 2 weeks to get my classroom up and running and then a week of PD before the kids start back. What PD have you had this year? Do you have any SmartBoard resources?

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