September 8, 2011

25 Blessings

Can't wait to catch up this weekend and share about my first week teaching my 5ths! For now, in honor of my 25th b-day today, I'm going to share 25 different blessings in my life!

25. Many great teachers who have inspired me to teach others
24. My years of dance
23. Being a UM Alum- Wolverine!
22. My apartment- love my introvert time
21. A reliable car for my commute
20. Diet Coke
19. Facebook birthday love
18. The teacher blogging community
17. The adoption blogging community
16. Foam Rollers and Heating Pads
15. My life journey- especially the past 4 years
14. My JOB!
13. Summers off to refuel
12. The ability to teach with the arts, each and every day
11. Faith, Hope, and Love
10. My kittens, Margaret and Samuel
9. My SCS
8. Music
7. My high school youth group ladies
6. Word of Life- my wonderful faith community
5. Amazing co-workers and admin at my school
4. My fabulous new students
3. My wonderful friends
2. My family who lives nice and close
1. My God who makes all things possible with grace and strength

Lots of love. To all the teachers out there- hope your first week (or more) is going well!

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