April 8, 2011

12 Kinds of Cah-razy

My "let's just wait until Spring Break" To-Do list was large...okay rediculous!
After a busy weekend hanging out with people, catching up on life, babysitting, and youth group I was looking forward to tackling the rest of my list...

I of course got sick!
Caught one of the munchkin's viruses and it took up residence in my head/chest. 
5 days later, I am out of bed.
Got the mega-antibiotics and steroids (neither of which I'm a fan of) and now I'm facing...

Yikes. Lord. Have. Mercy.

Tomorrow is an amazing event: A Performing Artist and Athlete Education Forum at my University. A year ago when I attempted a Mini Dance Medicine Conference as my Senior Thesis I had no idea that 50 people would attend, nor that my University Hospital's Sports Med program and Dance Department would want to continue it. I'm humbled that my story was able to inspire people to action. To treat the unique dancer-gymnast-figure skater-actor population to full healing for mind-body-spirit when injury occurs. To change our way of thinking/training for preventative action without sacrificing performance or aesthetics. Due to my grad school insanity I've passed the torch to 2 amazing professionals in this field and mentors of mine- KB and MB. KB was one of my PT's during my RSD diagnosis/early treatment and MB has been my professor, choreographer, mentor, and now friend for the past 6 years. So thankful for them in my life!

I will be part of the student athlete panel representing the dancer side as well as giving a session entitled "Bridging the Gap: from PT to unrestricted activity."  Other presenters include doctors, PTs, nutritionists, social workers, professors, choreographers, and athletes from the area.

Please keep this event in your prayers- all day tomorrow, Sat!

That leaves Sat night/Sun to do the rest of my To-Do list for my last 2 weeks of my internship, lesson plans, interview prep, and regular old end-of-semester insanity. Breathe. It'll get done, it always does, but I've never felt this much pressure before.

On a happy note- I did a bit of retail therapy today...with a purpose of course :-).  I bought my first suit for the Educator Job Fair next week. I always thought I looked like Professional Barbie in Suits, that or a Line Backer...hate the shoulder pads...but I think I found one that meets my criteria. Went with the short sleeve jacket since many of my interviews will be this summer and teacher interview wear can't be too fancy (they need to be able to picture you in the classroom getting messy with the kiddos...seriously). Here's a peek:
1st Job Fair is next Thurs! On to my resume- my next, and hopefully last To-Do for the evening.
Hope your life is slightly less crazy than mine!
Keep me in your prayers these next couple of weeks- I could use all the Grace I can get!

Lots of Love,

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