March 28, 2011

Blogging Hiatus

Just a quick's been a crazy few weeks!
Let's see, since the last time I posted I've...
  • Subbed for 2 days and worked through the "let's test the teacher intern" phase
  • Began my official lead teaching period- taking over a 3rd grade classroom for a month
  • Planned and/or designed and launched 3 big units- Realistic Fiction, Fractions, and Electricity
  • Joined a book club for Lent
  • Helped pass the torch from a dance/sports medicine conference I began last year to local medical professionals and art educators to continue
  • Began my teacher portfolio and resume...ish- any advice is WELL APPRECIATED!
  • Attempted to catch up on the piled up grad school work (reflections and random papers)
  •  Had a major anniversary in my life
  • Walked through some hard crosses my friends were bearing
  • Had a week of intense spiritual warfare
  • Staffed an international high school youth retreat...definitely more on this soon
  • Collaborated with the art teacher at my school to create amazing arts and writing paintings with the kiddos- yay art!
  •  Began my last week until Spring Break- PTL!
Whew- are you tired reading that? I am, but I'm also so thankful for these many gifts and opportunities in my life and the energy and physical ability to do them. It is definitely not my strength! Big week ahead, internship seminar, mock-job interviews with local superintendents, and lots of pressure at work to get things finished up before the break.  I see the light! So excited for a break to catch up, breathe, and begin the next phase in this journey!

So in case you don't hear from me for know why :-)
Hope all is well in your world. Teacher Blog Friends, any advice for me?

Peace and Love,

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