March 9, 2011

WILW- Teacherly Edition

Happy Wednesday everyone! Happy beginning of Lent to those who celebrate the 40 days as well.

I'm actually posting early for once because I decided to use the "schedule post" feature on blogger. It's the little things in life...that or I'm procrastinating writing another unit plan right now.

Things I'm loving...
Writing letters back to my students about their reading journals. I love that some of my 2000s kiddos are reading books like Pippi Longstocking and Pollyanna.One drew me an adorable picture stick-out braids, monkey on the shoulder and all! (I also learned today that my Asian kiddos have seen Pippi in Korean- who knew that was a fad there?!?)

I'm cracking up that a few of my boys are getting dates confused. One asked me if I lost my husband at D-Day. Hahaha. Well munchkin, 1, Ms. W is not married hence the Ms. and 2, If D-Day was in the 1940s and it's now 2011 do I really look like I'm 85+?!?!? (I'm 24)

On that same note, in Guided Reading groups some of my higher readers just finished Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan and we made the text-text connection to Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. When I told them I loved that book at their age one of my more cynical ones said "Man, Lois Lowry must be over 100 if you read her when you were young...." Ahem, what are you implying child?

I'm loving that this musical was broadcast on PBS this weekend. And oh yes I belted out half the songs from my couch! Can't wait until the Nat'l Tour comes to my city this Spring. Some grads of my university are performing and I am so there!

I'm getting excited about my Arts and Writing Realistic Fiction unit that I'm launching this week. I'm using this program for a few of my lessons- check out these amazing books you can produce- from crayons and watercolor!I can't wait to dive in to planning, writing, and publishing w/ the kiddos.

I'm loving that I will be paid to teach next week for a few days while my CT is out of town. (I'll be the official sub). Bonus! I get paid to do what I love. Lots of classroom library shopping in my future.

I'm loving my diet coke as usual- and my new weirdly delish (but awful for me) caffeine fix- half sugar free french vanilla cappuccino/half hot chocolate from the automatic machines. I'm burning the candle at both ends this week so don't judge.
Okay so maybe you can judge. Late nights + insane amount of papers/planning/work may equal leads to  some webcam distraction :-)

Have a good week,

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