March 14, 2011

Roses and Thorns

Summer camp anyone? As a camp counselor for a few years one of my favorite bedtime activities was to play roses and thorns with the kids (works elementary through high school +). Each person shares one rose, or high, exciting, good, stellar, praise point etc. etc. part of their day, and one thorn, the hard, negative, low, challenge. etc of the day's events.

I love it because it's a time for them to safely vent, problem solve where needed, and check in with what's bothering/challenging your kiddos that you were unaware of,  but at the same time celebrate the positive. It was also a good time of the day to give a "way to go" for each child in how they either handled their thorn or related to their rose. (Praising publicly like that is said to be magnified by 10- and we all want to praise our kids more than we correct them! Plus it encourages a culture of honoring one another where it's due!)

One of my favorite campers ever- Miss S!
So on that note,

My thorn for the day is that I am VERY annoyed by politics/dynamics in the work place (that includes schools/universities) that make people act and respond in awful ways to each other!!!

My rose for the day is that I am in love with teaching!!! It is so wonderful to get those little hugs, see those light bulbs flash, and be a part of a child's growth, development, and discovery!

I encourage you to try this with your family or friends- I guarantee you'll learn something more about them!
Roses and Thorns,

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