March 2, 2011

WILW- sick edition :-(

Day 3 of being home w/ the stomach flu. Not fun, and I feel super guilty missing student teaching. 

On the bright side, it's still What I'm Loving Wednesday and 2 days til the weekend!

I'm loving that I can see glimpses of blue skies out my window- February grey is over!
I'm loving that I had some wonderful ladies over on Sunday for an Oscars party.

I'm loving my subscription to:
I've currently been watching past seasons of Grey's Anatomy.
A couple of the actors came straight from Broadway...including Sara Ramirez who plays Callie Torres. (Like literally straight from Broadway, after ABC saw her Tony-winning performance in Spamalot they called her up and said pick any show and we'll write you in. I have lots of friends in showbiz and that.doesn't.happen. She's amazing! Plus she plays an orthopedic surgeon on the show...maybe I'm a little biased ;-)
Here are a couple of videos of her performing that I've been watching this week :-)

I'm loving that it's March and my local Great Harvest Bread Co. makes the most amazing Irish Soda Bread!  I used to have my mom mail it to my dorm when I was at boarding school it's that good :-)
Goes perfectly with my diet of Sprite and bread this week.

Well off to take yet another nap, praying that I'll be good to go in the morning.
Happy Wednesday y'all, I hope you stay healthy!


  1. Praying for you, girl!! I'm home sick today too... got the worst sore throat! Hoping we're both much better soon! God bless you.

  2. praying you will be better soon! We too LOVE Netflix- great older cartoons for the kids to watch :)