April 12, 2011

Comic Relief Lesson from a Kiddo

I'm super stressed today, not that you haven't been able to tell that from some of my posts lately ;-)

Just wanted to take a break from the 4 observations, end of semester load, job interviews, financial worries, and the rest for a funny story, to remember, while this all seems HUGE right now, it's only a drop in the bucket in the spec of things.

Yesterday we finished out our 3rd grade Electricity unit with a parent presentation from one of the dads who is an electrical engineer by trade. Love having that real-life application and opening up the classroom. The child of said presenter was 12 kinds of excited all day that her daddy was coming to share. I sat next to her during the presentation to try to calm her down so her dad could speak lol!

Halfway through she says in the loud voice that only children have...

"My dad doesn't really know English because he's a China Man!"

I about died. I quickly whisper to said child, "your dad is doing great!" He truly was- it's not easy to teach electrical engineering concepts to the average 8/9 year old not to mention in your 2nd language!
Said child than says just as loudly,
"It's OK dad, you're a NUMBER ONE DAD!"

Awkardness averted, cute childism reigns. Grace returns to the classroom.
If only it were that simple- that love, forgiveness, and pride between father and child.
Oh how the Father must laugh at us His children at times, but the Love is always abundant.

Oh and PS, it was who else but my Turtle Child who once again brought a smile to my face.

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