April 9, 2011

YouTube Break

Found this via a friend from ballet boarding school...yep fun fact, I went to boarding school for my last 2 yrs of high school so I could train more intensively. It was all part of God's plan for my life... Anyway, this boy cracks me up! I love how he tells his parents to clap for him- out of the mouth of babes lol....

So free to move and enjoy dance. Unlike this poor baby, who cracks me up! She will be a modern dance star one day lol...

There are times when my heart still aches to dance. It was such a gift, and I am so thankful for the 18+ years I danced. Don't get me wrong, I made the right choice to stop for my body, and I don't mind being out of the politics/environment/stress of the dance world- I just miss moving. A couple times this year I've danced- here, when I taught my munchkins Flamenco to learn about Spain, and a few times in my living room. It.felt.so.right. I'm contemplating if my body is ready to go back to teaching dance to kids/teens this summer. I hope so! I'd love to share the gift of movement with others once again.

Once a dancer, always a dancer,

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