November 29, 2012

Ladies and Gentleman

We've been practicing being ladies and gentleman in 5th grade. 
It's time for the latest edition of "funny childisms!" This year's class is full of them :-)

"Ms. W. if that shirt were white, you'd look just like an angel." "Yeah, you're beautiful!"- my boys

"I'm NOT a lady, I'm a YOUNG lady....oh. Well I'm a lady in training."

"Dude, just admit you crashed into her to get to the pillows first and apologize. She's a lady."

"Guys, we have (table) points right now. Let's be men and not lose them by doing...well you know."

"Be like Bridget everyone, we can be Saints now, DUH....I mean, why of course!"
(I'm going to be telling Bridget's story soon- she's my Godsister who earned her wings in October. You may have seen her mentioned in the news with the "Manti Te'o Letter" article.)

"That was NOT me, that was a girl, gentleman don't let it rip."

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