August 1, 2010

It's Time...

...To enter the Bloggy World as a writer. A little over a year ago I began a medical blog via Carepages and was introduced to the drill- you know, the post updates, wait for comments, comment on others' pages, become a part of a community- drill. And I liked it. Yet, I felt limited and grew tired of only posting on topics relating to my health. I thought, "One day, when I have a real career or a family of my own (with things to share) I'll start a blog."

I resorted to reading blogs to get me through some long and challenging days. I "met" real people, from their little corners of the world, who posted on every day experiences. Sharing a common creed, they shared the tough stuff along with the blessings, rejoicing in all times. These blogs made me laugh, made me cry, & motivated me towards my future goals. And I rejoiced in my circumstances. Our Lord loves me enough to have allowed me to walk through such times, to change me, to shower grace upon me. Who am I to keep it all to myself?

So here I go-
Sharing the big things
the Lord
has impressed upon my heart
The everyday moments
of life
Searching for His
Extraordinary Grace
In an
Ordinary World.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah! I look forward to reading your thoughts ... to hearing about your daily life ... to rejoicing with you when you rejoice, and crying with you when you cry. Life can be tough sometimes, and sometimes God uses our Bloggy Friends to lift us up and encourage us.

    May your day be BLESSED!!!

    Laurel :)