January 25, 2011

WILW- Cleveland Style

If you couldn't tell from the title, I'm in Cleveland for a quick 24 hr escape from school. Here's what I'm loving about Cleveland this Wed:

~One of my best friends and college roommates who lives here- Darina!
~Little Italy and it's amazing food... Prestis!
~Playhouse Square and the amazing performances that come through- Broadway Cleveland!
~Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
~A great Ronald McDonald House Charity
~Shaker Square
~Carrot Cake from the Chicago Deli
~The Original Bonnie Bell Store- Lipsmackers anyone?
~Walking Along the Lake
~The Keating-Larsons

And one of my favs by far...
I love Target, but 2 full stories of Target with it's red bulleted goodness? Complete with a cart escalator and all the $1.50 popcorn and diet coke combos you could ever want? One of my happy places.

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