June 1, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm back from my month-long blog hiatus...unintentional of course :-)  May is really the craziest- busiest month of the year especially if you have or work with kids! Only a few more weeks of school then job hunting and wedding season...err summer. I can't wait for some days with NOTHING on the agenda, preferably several of those in a row ;-) To tide us over until then, here's what I'm lovin' right now:

The BEAUTIFUL weather- the weeks of cold and rain have passed, it's sunny, warm, and green! This kind of weather makes up for the long winters in my state. Thank you God!

Diet Coke with Lime- a summer twist to my fuel that's keeping me going

All of the new babies that friends of mine are having or adopting. There really is nothing quite like an infant falling asleep in your arms. Or tiny baby feet... Check out these friends of mine- some serious cuteness going on with their little Noah.

My new phone- a sweet graduation gift from a friend. It is helping me stay SO much more organized. I have much better coverage with this new provider and it has some pretty fun features too. I am blessed.

And of course- my precocious third graders. They keep me on my toes but always laughing. Some of their recent quotes to brighten your day:

"Ms. Wright, my glass slippers (clear jellies) pain me with every step but it makes it (Cinderella Dress) complete, get it?"

"Hey, remember when we talked about the REVELATIONary War? The one where we smashed the British? That was cool."

"Ms. Wright, I need to talk to you, not teacher-to-student, but dancer-to-dancer."

"The cause of the French/Indian war: British coming and taking over the land by Lies. The effect: Bloodshed, Cruelty, Betrayal, and Downright Unfairness."

"Ms. Wright, is this what school was like when you were little? Did you have your own slate pencil?" (On a Pioneer Village Field Trip)

"I think (dramatic pause) we're real explorers now." Me: What are we going to find? (On our field trip to the Pond) "Trees, Land, Monkeys, and the unknown."
Make Way for Ducklings: Forest Edition
Happy June,

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