June 3, 2011

Blast from the Past....

I needed a break last night, a distraction from a current injury and my mountainous to-do list.

First, I ate my dinner of Ice Cream from the Dairy (Michigan Black Bear if you want to know...like Moosetracks, only substitute dark choc covered raspberry cups instead of PB, yeah, it's that good)
all while sitting on the swings of the park.
(My excuse- It had been a 12 hr work day and I needed to decompress and soak up some rays)

Next, a phone call with a friend in which we discussed the weird things we liked or did as children.
This led to what I call "YouTube Magic."
I am the master of distraction.

I confess. I was a child of the late 80s/early 90s.
We had some spectacular toys and tv shows. Light Brite, Skip It, Talkgirl (Think Home Alone), Legends of the Hidden Temple, CareBears, Full House...
We had some terrifying ones.

Enjoy the ride through the Tunnel of Surprise. (Zoobilee Zoo reference anyone?)

Puppy Surprise. I was all over this, Easter 1991. There was a baby doll version too that came in this backpack you wore on your stomach that had a heartbeat.  You opened it ("giving birth") to see what gender you had- sometimes it was twins. That was not as creepy as this Magic Nursery Doll....the Gender Neutral one? What.the.heck?

Zoobilee Zoo- Loved this show, this mouse-ish dancer was my fav. Now...it's terrifying.

Mousercise- I used to do these workouts at 4 yrs old using my baby blanket as a yoga mat. I also loved Barbie Dance Workout. Intense child? Yes, no wonder I became a dancer.

What were your favorite toys/games/TV shows as a child?

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