December 7, 2010

'Tis the Season to be JOYful

For all those out there who get a kick out of funny kid sayings...enjoy!

My class was in the computer lab yesterday doing math games when the following conversation ensued:

Child: "Ms. W. I got the black mouse (computer). Did you know that black is like the na*keditive?"

Me: "Did you just say you have a na*ked mouse?"

Child: "you know, white and black are opposites just like positive and na*keditive numbers"

Me: "Oh you must mean NEGative..."

Hahaha I love this kid. She also happens to be the turtle child who keeps me laughing every day. She refers to her older sister, a sophomore in college, as "my 2nd grade college sister." When I told her that *I* have a 2nd grade college sister too, she replied "Oh Ms. W. I just KNEW you were destined to be MY teacher!" LOL. She is definitely one of my favorite kids ever!

PS. For you bloggers out there: the reason I put an asterisk in na*ked is your blog can be searched and tagged by words- especially if you have adSense. Definitely don't want that type of ad!

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  1. Funny story. I teach K through college! Really I do! I run an after school program at my children's school and teach Communication courses at the local college. So I have heard lots of stories like this. I am a new follower and am enjoying reading your blog.
    Jenny at